Boat maintenance costs, tips, techniques to care for your boat.

Maintaining a boat doesn’t cost a lot, but having to repair a boat that has been neglected does.


Maintenance, for most people, is not a joy to do, but letting maintenance go for too long will end up in you dealing with more problems than you initially would have had if you just took the proper steps.

An example of this would be during fall, it rains for weeks on end, you forget the boat cover on and the boat has already been standing for a couple of weeks.

The result: A boat full of water and leaves and one big mess. Not to mention what critters might have crawled inside the trunk by now.

By now you will find white fungus and mildew in the trunk, and it should have started to take hold quite well.

If you catch it quickly enough, the mildew won’t be too severe and you can just wash it out.

You can basically use any good cleaner, ones with an orange peel base works well, and scrub all the gear with it. Everything should come out very nicely.

Waiting any longer than this point might be waiting too long. You will probably end up replacing a lot of gear instead of just cleaning the ones you have.

Use a simple solution of soap and water for regular cleaning, for stubborn stains you can get a tougher cleaner.


How to maintain a boat:

Start by cleaning your boat with water, soap and a sponge. When in salt water, you can simply rinse the boat with the salt water. Slime and sand can be washed off with water and a sponge. Before you pack it up and head back to fresh water you will need to rinse the boat with clean water to remove the salt water and slime that is still in the boat.
The only real cleaning you need to give the boat is in the fall before you store the boat away. This is when you need to give it a good soap and water scrub down, and get all the stubborn stains washed off. You also need to coat it with a suitable protectant.

If you take the time to do a proper clean and scrub down of your boat once a year, it should be all the maintenance you need on it. And the cleaner you use should last a number of years before you have to replace it.



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