Buying a Tent


When buying a new tent from a shop or buying tents online, you should always take the following aspects into consideration before buying :


1 – Determine what Purpose the Tent will have:

  • When you use the tent at family camping trips you need to take into consideration how well it will be ventilate, how comfortable it will be and if there will be enough room for the whole family.
  • When camping in the bush, you need to take into consideration that the tent needs to weigh as little as possible, the size will play a big role as well as how durable the material the tent is made of is.



2 – Consider the Type of Material the tent is made of:

  • Polyester can combat prolonged introduction from the sun, perfect for sunny areas.
  • Nylon weighs less, great when you need to carry a load of stuff.
  • Canvas lasts longer, however it weighs more.



3 – Determine the Style you will be needing:

  • Cabin tents tend to be fairly bigger with large openings and higher ceilings. Most models also have more than one room. Perfect for those family vacations.
  • Dome tents might be a better bet if you are looking for stability and durability during various weather conditions, though they tend to be quite smaller. The setup for dome tents are relatively quick and easy with the setup and taking them down.



4 – Consider the Size and Weight of the tent:

  • The types of movement.
  • The amount of people.
  • The amount of gear that will be stored inside.
  • Most tents doesn’t allow for the storage of gear so a separate tent might have to be bought for this purpose.



5 – Consider Ease of Setup:

  • Matching colored poles is always advantageous and dome tents with their fixed poles are also set up very easily.
  • Some times things go wrong and some thing breaks, in these circumstances a high quality multi tool or pocket knives will really come in handy. Follow this link to learn more about these different types of knives.



6 – Consider the Poles that the tent uses:

  • The quality should be very good but on cheaper tents don’t expect the highest quality.
  • Poles made from fiberglass last longer but they can break if care is not taken.
  • Aluminum poles weighs less but can bend so be careful.



7 – Consider Quality of Other Features:

  • How the tent is stitched together.
  • The zippers being used.
  • The mesh that is used for the openings.
  • What material is used for the floor.
  • Is there tie downs and what are they made of.



8 – Consider the Weather:

  • Will the tent need to withstand rain, in other words, is it waterproof?
  • Use a big enough covering over your tent to protect it properly against wind and rain.
  • If it is a hot climate you will be camping in look for decent ventilation.
  • As a side note, if you are venturing into areas that receive a lot of rain then you have to look at Rainwear and waterproof clothing, info about these types of clothing can be found here.



It is important to protect the floor of the tent against sharp objects by using a good cover that will protect the material as well as keeping it dry and clean. The floor covering should ideally be shaped the same as the tent just a bit smaller.


Having the perfect tent is just the start to an amazing camping trip. Next you need to make sure that you go through the list of Camping Equipment Every Person Should Own by following this link to make sure that you don’t forget some thing or miss an item that you might find you need later on.


Buying tents online is as easy as 1-2-3, just follow this link and you will have a wide range of tents, accessories and more all in one place.


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