Camping with Kids


Camping with kids is one of the best ways to get the kids out the house and active.


Nature is one of the best ways to discover a full-on sensory experience with fresh air, beautiful scenery and starlit nights. It might only take one wild animal sighting, or a meteor bolting across the sky to convince a young child that camping can be cool. Following is some good tips to ensure that adults and kids alike will have a good experience on any camping trip.



Before an Overnight Trip

  • If your kids are new at camping, practice camping with them beforehand. Pitch your tent in the backyard and let them play inside, or if you have a small enough tent you can pitch it inside and let them sleep in it. They will soon become comfortable with the idea of a new sleeping environment. A great guide on buying a tent can be read at this link.
  • Go on an outing with your kids. Choose a lakeshore or park that will be close or similar to where you will be camping. Spend the day there and see how they react to the experience.
  • Make notes while on your camping trip so the next time you go, you will remember to pack extra sunscreen or bring long pants.


Preparing for a Trip

  • Your kids will only be excited to go camping if you are, be enthusiastic and it will rub off on them.
  • Involve your kids with the planning of the trip by asking them what they would want to do or see on the trip and at the destination.
  • Create a list of camping gear and give it to the kids, have them pack their own gear. Just always remember to double check before leaving home to make sure they got everything on the list.
  • Buy each child a different colour duffle bag so they know whose is who. Encourage them to always return items back into their duffle bag once used to ensure they stay organized.
  • Pick out a few of their favourite toys to bring along on the trip, this way it doesn’t entirely feel foreign to them.
  • Encourage your kids to make friends. It’s never nice to have to sit in adult conversation the whole time, making friends will keep them happy and occupied.
  • If you own bikes then you can take them along, it doesn’t just save you a long walk around the camping grounds but it keeps the kids busy as well.
  • Make sure what the fire restrictions are at the campsite and let everyone know about these. It can be major fun for kids to make s’mores but also quite the disappointment when they get there and find out they aren’t allowed.
  • There is a list of Camping Equipment Every Person Should Own that you have to go through before you go on your camping trip to make sure that nothing important is left behind. The full list can be read here.




At the Campground

  • Be prepared to cope with any inconvenience. Remember that it is a different environment than what the kids is use to. The bathroom isn’t close by anymore. Lead by example and keep a positive attitude and vibe around camp.
  • Keep the campsite organized by allocating different areas for different items.
  • Once you have established these allocations, keep it organized. Let everyone know where what should be and remind them to always return items when they are done using them.
  • Help your kids stay oriented by pointing out landmarks on the way to the campsite and helping them to memorize your campsite number.
  • Assign your kids to some chores and tasks around camp to make them feel important. Let them gather the firewood and recognize their contribution by praising them with a treat or maybe a longer swim by the pool if there is one.
  • Always ensure that your kids stay safe by carrying a whistle they can blow in case of an emergency and making them aware of where the flashlights are at all times. You can even attach a flashlight and whistle to their belt loop when ever they leave camp.
  • Before visiting the camping site on your trip, make sure what wildlife is in the area. Always be aware that encounters may occur and teach your children what to do in such situations. Educate them to NEVER feed animals and rather watch them from afar than going in for a closer look. If you respect the wildlife, they will stay away.
  • Make sure you look at these great camping tips on this page, they might just remind you of some thing that you have forgotten or might not even have thought about.


Camping with kids & Spending Time Outdoors

  • While on your camping trip, educate your kids on wildlife. View them from a distance, look for bugs and examine rocks, moss and flowers. Show them that you are interested in what they are interested in and help them learn in a fun way.
  • Stay active with your kids without following a schedule. Play with them and show them how to skip a rock on water, then let them try and perfect the multiple-skip on their own.
  • If you are camping at a state or national park you can enquire about junior-naturalist programs for the kids. It is also a good idea as the parent to attend ranger talks when they have them and stay up to date with what is going on in the park.
  • Camping, if made fun, can definitely be a way of bonding with your kids and creating amazing and lasting memories. There would be a lot of activities at camp, and you can create your own such as a treasure hunt.
  • At night, and if the camp ground allows, then you can make a nice fire and roast some marsh mallows with your kids. To do this safely you need to know the campfire basics before you start to keep every thing safe. This informative article will teach you what you need to know.
  • Safety should be your number one priority and having a good knowledge of camping safety is of the utmost importance. Visit this page to learn almost every thing that you will need to know and take with you.


Fun Stuff You Can Bring when Camping with kids


  • A paddleball set is always a winner with the kids, especially if the neighbouring kids join in the fun.
  • A marshmallow launcher is great fun for the kids, instead of toasting them, the kids can shoot each other with them.
  • Flashlights shaped as animals. There is a wide variety on the market from lizards to sharks.
  • Flying toys like Frisbees keeps the kids entertained and active. Or try a lighted disc and a Djubi ball.
  • Make the kids some ice creams. Let them create their own, this will keep them cool, hydrated and busy.
  • Water toys are a great way to keep busy, have fun and cool off. Try water pistols or water balloons.
  • Speaking of water toys a rubber duck is also a great way for the family to spend some time together. This article on the different Inflatable Boats / Rowing Boats For Sale is exactly where you need to start when considering this amazing past time.
  • Or try the glowing, multicolour flying disc that changes colours as you play. The kids won’t have a second of boredom with this great toy.
  • Another simple, yet entertaining toy is foot bags.
  • Educational games aren’t just for the kids; the adults can join in the fun. This way they stay busy and occupied and you can make it a great family activity.



One of the things that will spoil even the best of camping trips is if the kids are eaten alive by bugs. Keeping the bugs at bay is a great article that covers a wide range of different items that you can use to help protect your kids from those pesky critters, read that article here..


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