Fighting Fish from a Fishing Kayak

Fighting Fish from a Kayak

When fishing from a Kayak your kayak can be a backup drag system for your reel.

A strong 5 lb fish can easily tow your kayak around, though the fish will will surely still be having a tough time breaking your line even if your drag is tighten too much or if you have a slow reaction day. You do however have to consider increasing your line capacity for longer runs when your tackle is very light when Fighting Fish from a Fishing Kayak.

A 6 lb breaking strain line on a spinning rod and reel should ideally have around 250 yards of line in open water, and on a 10 lb test outfit a 200 yard should be fine.

A medium to heavy action baitcasting outfit should be around 200 yards in line. The different combinations of rod, reel and line will vary as there are many different species and conditions. If you use a line with a 20 lb breaking strain, you will be towed around in your kayak for several hours without breaking the line.

These three outfits should be able to handle anything you are willing to catch and bring towards your kayak, including some sharks, but when you want to go offshore to fish for Bluefin tuna, marlin or swordfish, you might need to rethink your strategy.


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