How to Handle Fish while Kayak Fishing

Kayak Fishing 

Conservation of fish should always be practiced and you should only keep the amount you will need for dinner, the rest should be handled with great care and released again. You need to take as much time as you need to take care of the fish when releasing it back into the water to give it the best chance to survive. Always make sure the fish is breathing on it’s own before releasing it. For fish to keep breathing while you handle them they will need to have running water flow over their gills to get oxygen in their bloodstreams.

Once you are happy with the fish you want for dinner you will need to keep it cool and stored till you get back to shore. A cooler box with ice is perfect for smaller fish and for medium fishy you can use a fish bag filled with ice. If you caught a big one, you can roll it in some blankets or towels and tie it down tightly to the deck of your kayak. Burlap bags work really well to keep fish wet and control the fish slime.

A fish stinger is a fabulous option, depending on where you fish. It can be a bad choice if you are kayak fishing in salt water or brackish waters as it may attract sharks, and in freshwater it may attract alligators. If you do choose this option in those water conditions you need to have a quick release attachment to make sure you can separate the stringer from your kayak and the fish in case a crocodile or shark does decide it wants your catch more than you do.


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