Kayak fishing in South Africa

Kayak Fishing South Africa

Kayak Fishing is when you try and catch fish from a kayak, canoe or even kayak fishing ski.


This sport was originally pioneered by the eskimo’s, however, South Africa has developed it’s own unique version of this sport.

Kayak fishing has its own challenges, like the lack of space, proximity to the water, physical exertion and exposure to the elements. The advantages on the other hand are the ability it gives you to position yourself close to the fish, both in targeting your prey, and fishing for them; being able to be mobile and quiet at the same time; and being able to launch where ever you want to fish, without having special qualifications or permits.

One of the biggest advantages of kayak fishing is the ability to choose your proximity to the fish, and since you are able to position yourself so close to the fish, casting tackle isn’t needed, and more fish can be targeted, as well as more species. The disadvantages though, are the exposure to the elements, the danger; costs that you will need to make for a kayak and accessories, the lack of comfort, and the shorter fishing trips due to fatigue and paddling time.

When you compare kayaking to ski boat fishing you will see that it is much cheaper in setup costs, cheaper in running costs, quieter, and doesn’t require a crew, or a skippers license. The disadvantages though, are things like limitations to space, range, speed and comfort, as well as the exposure to the elements.

With this being said, when using a fishing ski, it’s difficult to catch and use live bait, or travel to other locations if your first choice isn’t working out. The ski also puts many reefs out of range while most places more than 1km offshore isn’t practical, or safe, for kayak fishermen to attempt to fish at.


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