What is a Rubber Duck?

All Rubber Ducks for sale are lower cost light duty Inflatable Boats that are great for water sports such as skiing, fishing and diving.



A Rubber-Duck boat, also called dinghies, are small boats that are carried or towed by a larger vessel. It is used for ship excursions or docking and can be a lot of fun with water sports. Rubber ducks are also low in cost, safe and a great way to get out boating. A rubber-duck, by definition, is a secondary boat.

Dinghies can be collapsible or roll-up inflatable boats; they can be with, or without transom, and with or without a keel. Some rubber-ducks are distinguished as flat bottom boats without a transom, or flat bottom boat rafts, and some can even be distinguished as soft tails.

Small ribs are often called rubber-ducks as well, so don’t worry too much about the name dinghy or rubber duck; it simply means different things to different people.

Collapsible or foldable inflatable dinghies have sectional floors made of aluminium, plastic or wood, while roll up rubber-ducks have aluminium slats or wood slats for a floor. A roll up dinghy is normally flat bottomed or has an inflatable keel. Some also have a keel in die form of a V shaped inflatable floor.

Smaller boats, such as Rubber-Ducks, are normally at the smaller end of the size range (1.8m to 4.3m). Due to the extra force from heavier loads and larger motors, durability becomes a factor when looking at larger sized boats. Larger motors cause premature wear on a boat as well as light duty construction. This is normally the area where many get confused.

Dinghies normally cost less to buy and are cheaper to build as they are light duty and used in occasions where one would only take short trips with them to shore. A light duty boat won’t be able to stand up against regular use as your primary boat will, and anyone that tells you it will, doesn’t really know the difference between the two.

The amount of use you will get out of your boat will determine which boat you should buy. If you want to go fishing on occasion, maybe with a small motor and not travelling very far with a full load, then a rubber-duck is the right buy. But if you want to load the boat full of passengers, go on long trips, or put a lot of gear on your boat, then a rubber-duck might be too light duty for your use.

Rather take your time when looking at the different rubber ducks for sale and make sure you know the difference between the two boats, and which boat will suit your needs best, before spending money, even if it costs you less than a big sports boat, than spending double what you would have if you made the right choice from the start.


Ok , so now you know what a dinghy is, the next step is to decide Which Of The Different Types Of Inflatable Boats Is The Best for You by reading this informative article.

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