Camping Tools – Camp Tools


With times, when camping, the common multi tool might not handle all your tasks. Below is a list of camping tools you may find useful when camping:


Axes and hatchets: 

If you need to split kindling, or pound in a tent stake, then an axe or hatchet is the perfect camping tool for the job.


Folding saws:

Another one of the tools for camping that you surely will need for cutting down firewood to the right size is a lightweight folding saw. Also great in emergencies when you need to build a shelter out of logs or tree branches.




One thing you can’t do without when looking at camp tools is a sturdy shovel. They range from small handheld trowels to larger folding models and will come in handy when digging or for smoothing out the ground around your tent site, amongst other uses.




One of the best tools for camping to clear some brush or do some light chopping tasks is definitely a sturdy and sharp machete, and keeping it sharp is as necessity so you definitely have to read this article.




Knowing which camping tools will be needed when you go camping is just the start to a great camping experience. You need to read the informative article on Camping Tips by visiting this link and also the article on camping safety here.

If you have been camping before then you will surely have had a run in with the local insects and bugs. As such there is another camping tool you need to know about and you should definitely read the article Keeping the bugs at bay by simply following this link to find out more.



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