Camping – Types of Camping: Which One is Right for You


The types of camping, Camping Sites, Wilderness Camping, Hiking, RV Camping, Motor Home Camping and Glamping.


Before you start planning for a camping holiday, it is essential to know about the different types of camping. There are many different types, each offering different features and experiences. Not everyone camp in the same way or enjoy the same things. While a few of us like to stay in the safe yet open camp grounds, many prefer spending time with the creatures of the wild via hiking trails. Some may even prefer a RV or caravan rather than a hiking trail or a night in a tent. Therefore, the best camp trip is the one that matches with your style and personality. So, what is your style of camping? Let’s find out!


Wilderness Camping or Hiking.

Wilderness Camping is for those who love to be isolated and away from other campers to enjoy the peace and quite of nature without other campers making a lot of noise.

Wilderness Camping is about filling your backpack with essential equipment and food and just hitting the trail. There are on some hiking trail limited or even no facilities on the way, such as running water or restrooms. For a safe hike it is ideal to follow the marked trails or else you might get lost. Apart from doing a hiking trail you can also just take your tent, food and equipment and set up tent some where remote and secluded. A nice roaring camp fire is always a welcome feature when hiking but make sure you know the Campfire Basics by reading this article. Always make sure to tell people where you are going and have some form of communication available in case of an emergency.


Camping Sites.


This one is for those who don’t want to leave all modern facilities and conveniences at home.

Camp Sites have areas set out for your tent or caravan. These well-equipped campgrounds provide things like grills, picnic tables, parking areas, fire rings, and rental equipment. They also offer electricity and toilets with hot water to take a nice hot shower. A few of them may also offer game drives and hiking trails or some other fun outdoor activities. Some of the more luxurious camp grounds even have swimming pools and tuck shops. Kindly note that several campgrounds need booking in advance, particularly in the summer months. If your camp period falls more in the colder months of the year then you will need quality insulated clothing to keep warm. Knowledge is important on this subject so you should definitely read here.


RV Camping / Motor Home Camping.


RV Camping / Motor Home Camping is for those who prefer to camp in an RV/Motor Home; a small home on wheels with bedrooms, a kitchen, toilets and a living room.

RV Camping makes it easy to wander but you would not be as close to nature as in a tent. The nice thing about these two is the fact that you can travel almost any where in the country and see many things while still having the luxuries of home right with you. Nowadays several campgrounds offer RV/Motor Home parking areas but you need to make sure if you need to reserve one in advance before hand.




Glamping is a new style of camping for those who have a desire to explore their natural surroundings without leaving behind the comforts of home. Also known as glamorous camping, this type is rather new in South Africa, although very popular in North America and Europe.

Glamping is done at a campsite or rather glampsite which offers luxurious tents, bungalows or even lodges with all the homely equipment such as rugs, cooking utensils, TV’s and more. Some glamsites offer electricity while others go a little more rugged and make due with only natural lights i.e candle/lantern light. Glamping is taking your home and putting it in a tent for a couple of days, you still get to see and enjoy nature but you have all the luxuries of home. Glamping is definitely the go-to camp style for people who loves the outdoors, and their mobile phones.


So now that you know which types of camp sites and styles are available to you and you might have already decided which one/s you would like to try out you need to learn more about the different types of Tools that you will need by reading the article on the following page. Camp Safety is also very important so be sure to read this article before you head out the door.

If you are planning on spending your trip in a tent then you should definitely have a look at the article Sleeping Outdoors – Sleeping Tips for Camping at the following link.


If you are lucky enough to be able to camp near some water and you feel a little adventurous then you should look at buying yourself a small Rubber Duck.  If you are totally unfamiliar with these types of boats then the article What is a Rubber Duck? is just for you. Read it here.



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