Backpacking Boots – Mountaineering Boots – How to Choose




Boots used for Backpacking:

Generally worn on multi-day trips where you will carry heavier loads. These Boots For Hiking are high cut, supporting the ankle by wrapping around it. They normally have stiffer insoles, they are durable and supportive and they are suitable for on, or off, the trail travel.

Choosing your dream boots for hiking is a process, they should:

  • Match your hiking ambitions. If you plan on day hiking, you shouldn’t buy beefy boots, unless the boots offer you the most comfort.
  • Comfortably fit your feet. One of the key parts of buying new boots is making sure they fit your feet perfectly; your ideal boots will be a comfortable and a snug fit.


Boots used for Mountaineering:

These boots are generally heavier and have stiff mid-soles; this is for the reason of (a) carrying heavy loads, and (b) accepting crampons for glacier travel. They are durable, tough and supportive.


After you have bought your new Boots for Hiking you should definitely read this post; it will help you with the very important Breaking In of your new pair of boots. You will also need the correct clothing when you go hiking or backpacking and to help you out with that you should visit this page.