Camo Clothing – Camouflage Clothing



Everything changes and not many things stay the same. The world of fashion works 24/7 and never puts up with sameness. However surprising it might sound, it adopts old ideas and traditions as well as relies on previous experiences.

And that’s exactly what has happened to the latest trend of this season – Camo (Camouflage) Clothes.

Camo is nothing new, but its recreation becomes fresh and diverse. It might soon become a classic trend like animal prints. Do not view camouflage pattern and coloring as something ‘too manly to wear’. It has its own cockiness and woman’s charm in it.

However, you are the creators of your style, but reading a few tips is never a bad thing.



Сamo Clothing in Fashion: Overview

Fashion has always been a part of social movement. Apart from its creative component, fashion has always been largely influenced by political and economic factors.

Therefore, to nobody’s surprise, camouflage clothes has become that trendy lately.

You will not surprise anybody with camo parkas, T-shirts or rubber boots. However, in the last few seasons, the camouflage print has been inspiring designers to be creative and experiment: camo silky blouses, camo nightdresses, camouflage furry clothing etc.

It’s not a secret that such saturated print can easily be paired with different colors of clothing as well as fabrics and style directions.



Сamouflage Clothing in Fashion: Sweater

For cold times, opt for wearing camouflage sweaters. You can even find some camo sweaters made of faux fur that looks rich and well textured. Wearing Camouflage Clothes that isn’t too brightly coloured allows you to wear any types of accessories with it – from large to bright ones.

Buy a sweater that is a little bigger than your size. However, you don’t want to look like a girl who stole a sweater from her boyfriend – that’s why don’t forget about a feminine skirt and high heel shoes.




Сamo Clothing in Fashion: Suits

Suits always look fascinating and stylish, while camo suits look mysterious and extraordinary. Since there’s enough of texturing in camo suits and it flickers – don’t choose a multicolored print handbag. Let it have the same tone and color and the same goes for your shoes.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, choose an accessory with warm and fiery colors. However bright your camo suit is, it is still pretty cold, which means warm colors will make you look great. Just like a fire in a forest.




Сamouflage Clothing in Fashion: Non-traditional

Christopher Kane and Fendi abandoned their classic patterns of brown and green colors in favor of something more fresh and exciting. With this kind of Camouflage Clothing, you can hide in a tropic forest, while in the streets – you are going to look fabulous.



Сamo Clothing in Fashion: Outerwear

When fall and winter comes, people tend to wear black. Their outwear becomes ordinary and you can’t really tell any difference between those people. And that’s exactly the moment when you’re going to wear a camo coat and stand out from the crowd!

As for dresses, the contrast of military pattern and a classy dress makes a great balance of femininity and sexiness. If you are interested in outdoor clothing in particular then you should definitely read this page.



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