Rainwear – Waterproof Clothing: How to Choose


This article is aimed at helping you find the correct Rainwear such as waterproof jackets, shirts and pants. You won’t realise just how important rain wear is till you need it.


Main Considerations

Function: Will your new rainwear keep you dry? Rain wear, such as waterproof jackets, when new, is waterproof and rain worthy, however over time fabrics may require some care to keep them waterproof. Most soft shells are water resistant, but they will only be able to withstand light precipitation, and not when drenched with rain.


Comfort: How breathable is the waterproof clothes that you have, will I swelter inside it or not? There are a lot of factors besides just the fabric with which waterproof/breathable rain wear are made that can add to your comfort levels. Also look at the humidity, temperature, the clothing you will wear underneath your waterproof clothes and things like does it have vents or not?


Durability:  How durable will your rain proof clothes be during hard use? The weight of the fabric gets measured in denier, a specification that doesn’t always get specified by the manufacturer. When you plan on climbing, bushwalking or going of trails, aim for a mid-weight, around 70 denier or higher. When you going to stick to trails you should aim for a lighter denier, this will allow you to save on your total weight.


Appearance:  What do I look like in my waterproof jackets? When you plan on wearing your rain proof clothes around town, you should aim for styles with fuller cuts, more pockets and less fussiness over the weight of the wear. However, if you plan on wearing it on a hiking trip, opt for wear that aims for low weight, these will typically have pockets positioned where it won’t get caught on backpack straps, and it will easily be packable. To find out more about the different types and styles of outdoor clothing read this post.


Price:  What is the difference in rain proof clothes considering their price? Pricier rain wear usually features waterproof/breathable laminating’s, seam tapings and high end detailing. Lower costing items have a looser cut and only use waterproof coatings. For moderate activities you might want to choose the lower priced rain proof clothes, they are still very effective, light weight and easy to pack.


Use your experience to help you shop for the right rainwear to suite your needs. Do you maybe need something more durable? Or maybe something lighter? What ever it is, learn from past buys and always consider what activities you will be doing in your rain wear as well as things like your metabolism and temperature.


Along with the rain there also come the cold. To make sure you stay nice and warm, especially when in the outdoors, you should read this article on insulated clothing that will help you decide which items will work best for you on those cold days.