Sun Protection Clothing Basics

Sun Proof Clothing - UV Protection

All the more outdoor clothing now has a UPF rating, but what exactly does this rating mean, and why should you buy clothes that protect you from the sun?


This article will provide you with a summary of the Sun Protection Basics you might need to know.


Sun Protection Basics

  1. Sunlight, as we all know by now, contains UV radiation. Prolonged exposure to UV rays leads to sunburn, skin cancer and accelerated skin aging. Sunscreen, as well as UV resistant clothing will offer you your main protection from these UV rays.
  2. All clothing, to some degree, protects against UV rays. The best UV protection clothing however, is the ones that carry a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Fabric) rating, ranging from 15 to 50+.
  3. People that need elevated protection with UPF rated sun protection clothes are:
  • People that are sun sensitive or fair skinned.
  • Children.
  • People spending extended hours in the sun, especially in equatorial regions and area’s with lots of reflective surfaces like water or snow. Sun proof clothes is a definite must in these areas.


There are a few people, with average to dark skin types, that doesn’t necessarily need UV protection clothing, and they rarely get sunburn. Even so, wearing UPF rated clothing will enhance your protection against UV rays, weather you think you need it or not, UV resistant clothes is a must for a healthy skin.


Unfortunately the sun doesn’t always shine and UV protected clothes aren’t always needed so for those days that it does decide to rain you can still look good. Rainwear – Waterproof Clothing is a great article that covers this aspect perfectly and for those of you that are looking for something different then this article Camo Clothing – Camouflage Clothing is for you.