Combat knives – Boot Knives

Both Combat knives and Boot Knives are designed for close quarter fighting and regarded as deadly weapons.


Combat knives

A Combat knife (fighting knives) is designed for the sole purpose of military use, and its primary intent is for hand-to-hand or close combat fighting. Some martial artists spend years training how to correctly use these knives and have honed their skills to such a degree that the knife actually becomes an extension of the users arm. These knives should always be handled with care as they can not only harm or kill another person but you can also inflict serious damage to yourself if you aren’t careful.

Most military knives, since the end of trench warfare, have been designed for utility use (chopping branches, opening crates, clearing foliage etc.). The combat knife’s original role stays a close quarter combat weapon, and many refer to it as a fighting-utility knife. When these knife are referred to as a “utility knife” or “survival knife”, the intent is to use them for use other than their primary role in combat.



Boot Knives

Boot knives (or a gamblers daggers) are small, fixed blade knives, usually a dagger designed to be carried around in your boot. Typically, these types of knives are worn under a pant leg, or on a belt. When worn around the neck, they become a neck knife. In general, these knives will come with a sheath that includes some form of a clip, most have a double edge blade that ranges from three to five inches.



Maybe a combat knife or a boot knife isn’t exactly what you were after, maybe it is a good old fashioned hunting knife that you really want.  Or if you are more of an adventure type of guy/girl then a Survival knife is more the knife for you. Have a look at the articles covering these two amazing knives, you might never know, they might just be the knives you are looking for.