Different Types of Knives – Handle Materials


Different Knives have different knife handle materials, each textured for grip and shaped for ergonomic comfort.


Each handle along with its unique material is designed differently to match the environment you will be using them, your unique aesthetic taste and your exact preferences for feel and support. Each type of material wood, plastic, rubber and stainless-steel has a unique feel, look and specific reason why that material was used on that specific knife.

Below is a list of the different knife handle materials and what makes each one different from the rest.


Wooden knife handle: 

Wood handles aren’t just beautiful, but they also provide you with good grip. They are however easily damaged by water.



Plastic knife handle: 

Plastic handles, though slippery, are affordable and water resistant, resulting in less water damage and a more widely used type of handle.



Rubber knife handle: 

The rubber handle will offer great grip as well as being water resistant, though it does lack in durability.



Stainless-steel and aluminum knife handle: 

These handles are quite durable and strong, but the drawback is that it might feel cold and slippery in your hands.


Now that you have a better understanding of the different types of handles and why they are being used you should learn more about the different Knife Blade Shapes and why one knife isn’t perfect for every occasion. To do so you must read this great article.