Diving Knives, Fishing Knives and Fillet Knives

Dive Knives, Fishing Knives and Fillet Knives are three of the most important knives that people doing water sport or fishing will ever need.


Dive Knives

Any experienced scuba diver will tell you whether you’re cutting line, spearing fish, or adjusting gear; diving knives are a crucial accessory to have. With a number of stainless steel blades to choose from, all with a non-stick handles made for ultimate traction as well as sheaths to store your knife in, you will have a huge collection to choose from. Many of the different types of diving knives can also work as a flat-head screwdriver or as another type of tool such as a saw or even a hammer by using the handle part.

This simple knife is probably one of the most important items any diver could ever need so always make sure that they are sharp and never left behind. To learn how to keep your knives nice and sharp at all times you need to read the article on this page.



Fishing Knives / Fillet Knives

Fishing knives, also known as a fillet knife, are flexible, comfortable to use, and has a safe rubberized handle, injection molded sheaths with drainage holes, and is easy to carry and stow. The full tang blade has a triple edge design; it features a backside edging for breaking down fish when non fillet cuts are made. A Fishing knife is perfect for use by both freshwater and salt water anglers alike.




Now that you have your perfect diving knife, or at least an idea of the one you are looking for, you should have a look at the other types of knives that are on the market. You get good quality pocket knives (read more here), Swiss Army knives (a great article on these knives) or even a set of throwing knives, find out more.

If you are a keen fisherman you can even look at a this quality article on Multi Tools or if eating your catch is more your thing then a set of high quality kitchen knives are what you will be after and more information can be found on these knives by reading this informative article. No matter what the job, there is a knife that will help you out.