Fixed-Blade Knives


Non-folding knifes, also known as fixed blade knifes are designed to handle various applications.



These knives consists of a wide range of different types of knives such as throwing knives (learn more here), hunting knives (find out more), combat knives and boot knives (visit this this page), survival knives (read here), dive knives and fishing knives (on this page). There is a wide range of different knives that fall in the category of fixed blades, basically every type of knife that doesn’t have a folding blade can be called a fixed blade or non-folding knife.


Why choose a fixed blade knife?

Fixed blades are a lot easier to clean, they offer more strength than compared to folding knives (due to the fact that there are no hinges that can break during grueling tasks) and are more comfortable when you hold them than compared to folding knives and they look way cooler, just think of Rambo and his big survival knife.


The down side to a fixed blade knife.

Fixed blades are some times heavier than standard folding knives, they take up more space than your folding knives would and as these knives have a blade that is always open they also need to be carried safely inside a sheath to prevent any cuts and accidental stabbings.


Most well known kitchen knives (have a look at the different types on this page), hunting knives, skinning knifes and fishing and diving knifes are fixed blade knives.