Folding Knife – Opening Features

Before looking at the different folding knives for sale you should understand the different Folding Knife Opening Features and which one will work for you.


Locking Blade Folding Knife


A locking blade is a multi purpose folding pocket knife that has the stability of a fixed blade, as well as the convenience of a folding blade knife all-in one. The blade can fold down to make it more compact which also protects when carrying, and it can lock in place when opened to keep the blade from moving or folding down while you are using this knife.


One-Handed Opening Folding Knife


Certain folding blades have to ability to open quickly by only using one hand. These flip knives for sale fold open smoothly thanks to a cut out or a stud found on the blade. This allows the user to push the knife open really easily with just your thumb. This type of Folding blade Knife is also ambidextrous which allows it to be opened with either hand.


Assisted Opening Folding Knife



There is an assisted opening mechanism that allows this Folding pocket Knife to fully open when you start to open the blade, or on some types they open the knife for you completely. This feature also has a safety lock that prevents the blade from opening up again when you are busy trying to close it.



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