Hunting Knives – Skinning Knife


Hunting Knives and Skinning Knives; what you should keep in mind when you want to buy knives online.


When looking at the different good hunting knives for sale as well as the different skinning knives for sale there is a couple of things to keep in mind before you decide which knife to buy.

A hunting knife typically gets used during hunting to skin and cut animals caught for the purpose of preparing them to be used as food. The hunting style knife differs from the hunting dagger which was traditionally used to kill game. They should not be mistaken for a survival knife. Survival knives are intended to be used in the wilderness in case of a survival situation, often in the case of an emergency when most of the users main equipment has been lost. Read more about survival knives here. A hunting or skinning knife should be thought of as the kitchen knives of the wild. The first two knives you will use when skinning and cutting up meat.

There are some of the best hunting knives that have been adapted for other uses other than skinning animals, like the use at a camp fire, or the use of the knife as a machete when one is not available. In this case, the hunting knife’s purpose is similar to that of a survival knife. (These knives are difficult to classify because they aren’t truly for hunting or survival, they are now a mix between the two. )

These knives, hunting skinning knives for sale, are designed for cutting, rather than stabbing, and has a single sharp edged blade. On most models the blade is slightly curved and some have both a curved portion as well as a straight portion for skinning and for cutting meat. Some knives will also have a gut hook. Some knives (skinning knives) have a rounded point so one doesn’t damage the skin of the animal when removing it from the meat.

The main difference between a hunting knife and skinning knives, also called butcher skinning knives, is in the shape of the blade. A skinning knife has more of a round shape, perfect for cutting the connecting tissue which attaches the hide to the meat without damaging the hide or the meat, while a hunting knife has a straight blade.

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