Knife Blade Shapes

There are quite a few different types of knife blade shapes, below is a list of the more common ones that you will be able to find when camping and for outdoor use:


Drop Point blade:

The drop point blade is a strong and versatile blade with a thick point that is ideal for heavy tasks and general knife work. The spine of the blade drops toward the tip which creates a shape that reduces your chances of accidentally puncturing yourself.




Clip Point blade:

The Clip Point blade has a crescent drop on the top that creates a sharp, thin point, this blade is ideal for puncturing and offers enhanced control for things like detail work, and exacting. This blade on the other hand lacks the strength of broader drop point blades.




Heavy duty Tanto Point Blade:

The Tanto has an angular tip with a very strong point. This blade is ideal for prying, piercing and scraping tough materials.




Needle point and Spear point blades:

These blades feature double edges and symmetrical points that are ideal for survival situations. These blades are also primarily designed for throwing and puncturing.




Sheepsfoot and Santuko blades:

These two blades are great for preparing food and feature a spine that rounds off steeply to the point of the blade; they also have a straight cutting edge from the handle of the blade, to the tip. The shape of the blade makes cutting very easy, and you can also chop and slice. This blade shape minimizes the risk of an accidental piercing.




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