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A multi tool is like a little toolbox in the palm of your hands, performing many tasks a traditional pocket knife can’t such as Leatherman.


Though the multi tool is less powerful than the pocket knife due to its size and reduced ergonomics, they can still handle most repairs and projects in and outdoors.

Many multi tools offer a specific selection of tools, like for cycling. When you look for a multi tool for sale, take into consideration the situations you will face, and buy the one that contains all the appropriate quality and implements you may need for your tasks. The most famous brand these last couple of years has definitely got to be Leatherman.



These tools normally have folding pliers as the centerpiece of their function, with added implements such as blades, screwdrivers, cutters, a saw or file, scissors or even a can opener. Some of these tools also feature implements such as a corkscrew, toothpick, a ruler and even wire strippers or tweezers.



Multi tools range from small, minimalistic, ultra-light designs with the bare minimal essentials, to the big guns with the full size pliers.

Small keychain tools are perfect to carry around with you almost anywhere, but unfortunately they lack the strength of their larger siblings. Keep one with you on your hiking trip, or throw one in your bag, you won’t even know it’s there but will always come in handy when you need it most.

Pocket multitools have a decent array of implements while fitting nicely in your pants pocket. They are less ergonomic though, and have lighter duty constructions than larger models. Pocket multitools are ideal for backpacking or activities where size as well as weight plays a role.

Large multi tools are designed to handle heavy duty tasks; they provide more durability, ergonomic comfort and torque. The larger multitools are ideal for camping, and as they weigh more and take up more space, they often come with a sheath so you can wear it on your belt.


Even though Multi Tools are great all round knives with loads of features they can be a little big and heavy to carry around every where you go. For that reason you might look at some thing a little smaller like your Swiss Army Knives or a standard Pocket Knife. Read more about Swiss Army Knives here and Pocket Knives on this page.

Apart from the choices you also need to make sure that your knives stay sharp at all times and to do just that you should learn how to use a sharpening stone. To learn more about sharpening stones then you should definitely have a look at  How to Sharpen a Knife by reading this great informative piece.