Survival knives


Survival knives are part of a survival kit intended to be used in the wilderness in case of a survival situation, often in the case of an emergency when most of the users main equipment has been lost.

Normally some form of a survival knife is issued to military units as a survival tool for pilots in case their plane may be shot down.

Outdoor Survival knives for sale can be used for skinning, trapping, wood cutting etc. They are generally used by hunters, outdoor sportsmen and hikers alike as part of their survival kit. Survival knives for sale can be found in heavy bladed and thick knifes, or small and lightweight types that fold in order to save space.

The outdoor survival knife can sometimes serve as a hunting knife as well, and they feature hollow handles that can be used for storing small items such as matches, fishing lines and hooks, a compass etc perfect additions to your survival kits. The invention of these features are often credited to people like Jimmy Lile, Bo Randall and Chris Reeve.


Features of survival knives

A Survival knife should always be part of your survival kits and is great for setting traps, skinning animals, as well as cutting branches. They featured fixed blades at around 10 to 20cm long with a full thick tang. You do find some knives with hollow handles (made by manufacturers like Like, Aitor, Randall or Reeve) which allows for storage within the handle and a compass on the cap. These knifes may break more easily due to reduced strength when performing tacks such as chopping, however they come in handy when storing small objects.

Some knives have a flat spine or back, this allows the knife to make a good hitting platform when you need to use it for pounding to avoid wood from splitting. Other models feature a serrated spine or even a band breaker near the tip.

The material from which the handles are made of will differ from one another as it is determined by the user’s preference. The materials of which these handles are made of can be hardened rubber, bone, aluminium, polymer, wood or even metals such as stainless steel. Metal handles are often wrapped with cord as well so they can be used in survival situations and daily use to provide more grip and comfort ability.

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