Throwing Knives


Throwing knives are speciality knives that are lighter than normal knives and uniquely made to be thrown.

Before you start looking at the best  Throwing Knives for sale online, have a look at what sets these knives apart from other types of knives and how they are designed.


These knives are known to be used by a variety of cultures around the world. For this reason various tactics for throwing have been developed by each culture, as well as these knifes having different shapes and forms.

They are made of a single piece of steel with no handles. The knife consists of two sections, a blade, and a grip. The blade is the part of the knife that has been sharpened half and the grip is the part that has not been sharpened. The grip allows the user to safely use the knife and also to aid in the balancing of the knives.


There are two kinds of throwing knives for sale, balanced and unbalanced knives.

Balanced throwing knives:

These knives are made in such a manner that the center of gravity is at the center of the knife, which allows these knives to follow an almost circular path in flight. With an unbalanced knife the center of gravity is not the same as the geometric center of the knife. The circles of the handle and that of the blade in flight will differ in diameter if the knife’s handle is heavier, making the path the knife will follow in the air less predictable.


Unbalanced throwing knifes:

These knives are normally thrown by holding the lighter part of the knife. You can also find some knifes with adjustable weights that slide on the length of the blade, this makes it possible to convert a throwing knife into both balanced and unbalanced knifes by simply moving the weight up and down the knife. Balanced knifes are usually the preference when choosing a throwing knife as it can be thrown from the handle as well as from the blade and it is easier to change from one knife to another.

The throwing knifes weight and speed at which it is thrown determines the power of impact. It is easier to throw lighter knifes, but they may fail in penetrating the target properly, resulting in a bounce back. Heavier knives have more stability in their flight and are able to do more damage to the target, but you will need more strength to throw one accurately than with a lighter throwing knife.



When you have purchased one, or more, of the different Throwing Knives for sale online you can start having great fun, once you get the hang of throwing them, or they can just be a perfect addition to your knife collection, but if you are looking for a more practical knife for every day use then you should perhaps look at getting yourself a good Pocket Knife, have a look here, or a handy Swiss Army Knife, read this great article. If you need some thing with a host of different tools and gadgets then a Multi Tool, found here, might be more what you are looking for.